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Welcome to HUMAN RIGHTS QUESTIONS TEST - January 28, 2022

1. Some of the Human Rights regulations core concepts are dignity, participation in decision-making, confidentiality and the complaint process.
2. Individuals do not retain their legal, civil and human rights when they come into our service settings.
3. Individuals notice of receiving these rights must be signed.
4. Participation in religious services or practises cannot be limited
5. Providers must ensure that individuals are not abused, neglected, or exploited.
6. If mail is considered to be dangerous, it may be opened at any time in front of the individual and use of telephone may be limited to certain times and places.
7. Individuals receiving services do not have the right to participate in decisions regarding their services and do not have to give consent for proposed medical treatment.
8. The ISP and discharge plan shall incorporate the individual's preferences consistent with his condition and need for service and the provider's ability to address them.
9. An authorization is needed to disclose information that identifies an individual.
10. Providers may encourage individuals to name family members, friends and others who may be told of their presence and general condition.
11. Each individual is entitled to have all identifying information that a provider maintains or knows about him remain confiential. Each individual has a right to give his authorization before the provider shares identifying information about hime or his care unless another state law or regulation, or these regulations specifically require or permit the provider to disclose certain specific information.
12. In emergencies, to prevent injury or death to a person, providers may disclose information without authorization.
13. Providers shall tell each individual and his authorized representative about the individual's confidentiality rights.
14. Providers must provide individuals any help they may need to read and understand their services recored and provide amendments to them.
15. Indviduals are not entitled to freedoms of everyday life that are consistent with his need for services.
16. Providers must not limit or restrict an individual's freedom more than is needed to achieve a therapeutic benefit.
17. Each individual is entitled to be completely free from any unnecessary use of seclusin, restraint and time out.
18. Use of restraint must be justified, time limited, documented, reviewed and monitored by trained qualified professionals.
19. Less restricted alternatives do not need to be used prior to using seclusion and/or restraint.
20. All behavioral plans using restraint for behavioral purposes or time out must be reviewed, in advance, by the Local Human Rights Committee.
21. Providers shall not use seclusion, restraint, or time out as a punishment or reprisal or for the convenience of staff.
22. Providers must adhere to Fair Labour Standards Act when employing individuals receiving services at their organization.
23. An individual has the right to participate in human research. Written Informed Consent must be obtained from an individual before participating in research. Providers must notify the Local Human Rights Committee before individuals participate in human research.
24. Capacity evaluations shall be conducted in accordance with accepted standards of professional practice and shall indicate the specific type of decision for which the individual's capacity is being evaluated and shall indicate what specific type of decision the individual has or does not have the capacity to make.
25. A "next friend" does not have to know the individual for whom he is "next friend".
26. The individual has no say in which of his family members is designated as his authorized representative.
27. Authorized representatives can be removed under certain circumstances.
28. An employee must not stop an individual from filing a complaint or providing assistance to file a complaint.
29. The director or his designee shall give the individual and his chosen representative a written decision and, where appropriat, an action plan for resolving the complaint within 10 working days of receiving the complaint.

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