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Welcome to EMERGENCY PROCEDURES EXAM TEST - January 28, 2022

1. How often must smoke detectors be checked?
2. How oftern should fire drills be conducted?
3. What is the first thing staff should do after evacuating the clients?
4. In the event, or prediction of, a natural disaster or severe weather, staff should:
5. In the event a home mus be evacuated, staff should try to find accommodations by:
6. In case a client has a seizure staff should
7. If a resident breaks the law, staff should
8. In a traffic accident, if any injured party wishes to make a claim, staff should:
9. In case of fire on a vehicle, staffs first priority is to:
10. Which of the following should staf NOT do in case of a vehicle accident (there may be more than one correct answer).
11. In a case of a traffic accident, what should staff do to discourage panic or hysteria among the passengers?
12. Select which of the following applies if you suspect a person supported is ill.
13. Staff should not waste time calling 911 in case of fire if the residents have successfully been evacuated.
14. If a natural disaster (besides flooding) should appear severe and dangerous, staff should assemble all residents in first floor halls in front fo bedrooms.
15. Staff on duty may leave on time if other staf is unable to report to work due to natural disasters.
16. Staff should contact supervisors immediately in case of evacuation of a home.
17. Staff should contact supervisors if experiencing loss of utilities for over two hours.
18. You should not permit others to view the body of a dead client until the ambulance or coroner arrives.
19. In case of seizure staff should seek medical help if the seizure lasts longer than three to five minutes.
20. In case of a missing client, the parents or guardians should be contacted immediately.
21. Staff should report all accidents no matter how slight the accident.
22. No one is permitted to visit residents without consent from the resident and the staff.
23. You should only give information about an automobile accident to the police and your employer.
24. Staff is not to enlist the help of bystanders to make telephone calls and directing traffic in case of a vehicle accident because of client confidentiality.
25. Staff should always, if possible, accompany a resident to the hospital if a client sustains an injury due to a traffic accident.
26. List the steps you should take if you suspect the someone has ingested a dangerous/poisones substance: %BLANK%
27. List the stups you should take if you discover a person supported is missing: %BLANK%
28. List some possible signs/symproms of illness and what staff response should be: %BLANK%

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